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Durgapur Is Proving Itself a Good Marketplace for the Jewellery Business

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

With a huge number of industries of both the small and large scale, Durgapur has practically been a hub of many things. This industrial belt has a population of almost 522,517 people, more than 50% of which is females. Nonetheless, the market of Durgapur for any product is quite bigger.

Since the last decade, a range of new industries is flourishing in the city which has reduced the unemployment level to a great extent. This has become a boon to the people. As the marketplace of any city is totally depended on the employment ratio, it is good news for the shop owners too.

Like the other businesses, the jewellery business has been benefited by this too. A few decades ago, the gold, silver and diamond jewellery had been something unaffordable for the majority of people. It was thought that gold could be worn only by the wealthy and affluent people. But today, these precious metals and stones have come within the reach of people of all races. The jewellery showrooms in Durgapur are thus now affording a lucrative increase in the profit and most of them have expanded their business in the adjacent areas of Durgapur too.

A recent survey reveals that most of the jewellery shop owners now considering Durgapur as a lucrative market for their products for few factors. The factors are given below-

A good population
The industries of Durgapur encounter its majority of population every day. Most of the people in Durgapur have migrated and are still migrating from other parts of the state or outside the state due to job purpose. This increase in population is thought to be one of the factors of the expansion of the marketplace by the jewellery businessmen.

Festive season
Bengalis already have more than enough occasions and Durgapur loves to mould down in each festivals. Whether it’s Christmas, Holi, Durga Puja or Dipawali, the people of Durgapur celebrate them all. In addition, comes the birthday, wedding and anniversaries where people need gold, silver and diamond ornaments. Especially, the Bengali weddings can’t be completed without gold ornaments. According to the jewellers, the precious jewellery are majorly sold in Durgapur in these occasions and at the festive time.

Financial standard
Being the industrial belt, most of the people of Durgapur work in the heavy industries that Durgapur boasts of. Thus, the range of unemployment is little less in Durgapur than any other adjacent cities. As the basic needs are fulfilled, therefore, people have money in their hands to spend in the luxury of purchasing ornaments.

Schemes and offers
Last but not the least, many jewellery showrooms in Durgapur have started special offers and gold saving schemes, which have facilitated the purchase of gold jewellery for many people. The offers provide additional discount on the gold value on either making charge or market value and in the gold saving scheme, the consumer can save money for eleven month and gets the gold at discount in the last month of the year.

Gold is in demand in Durgapur. Many people love to purchase gold and other precious metals and stones almost throughout the year, which is making Durgapur a good marketplace for the gold ornaments.

Outsourcing, the Philippines, and the Future

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

The Philippines is one of top countries when it comes to business process outsourcing companies or BPO companies. First-world countries like the USA, France, and Australia are some of the biggest patrons of the BPO industries services. This makes our top rating quite a big deal for the country. But what is it with this industry that makes it such a hit with well-developed countries? More importantly, what could be lying ahead for the industry?

The Statistics

Asean Briefing reports that the surge in the local BPO industry’s development is due to the country’s relatively low cost of living. Other factors cited are the young, educated, English-speaking Filipinos who make up the workforce.

This ultimately made international reports cast a majority vote that the Philippines is the next up-and-coming top outsourcing choice. The Philippines even replaced Mumbai, one of the oldest and top go-to sources for BPO needs, as the 2nd ranking BPO service provider in 2015.

The industry is currently responsible for 9% of the country’s GDP growth. It is currently employing over 1 million Filipinos. But such number is projected to increase, with an expected 1.3 to 1.5 million more to be employed over the next three years.

The Benefits

Constant patronage of our BPO industry’s services by well-developed nations could only be credited to the numerous benefits.

Cost Effectiveness

BPO service companies are often technologically updated. with experts ready to lend their specialization to companies. Their services cost less expensive. This is if compared to hiring and paying salaries to in-house employees.

Aside from these lower rates, the vendee company won’t have to worry about providing additional space.

Better Focus on Business

Vendee companies can now focus on more “core” business matters. They no longer have to worry about who’s going to do what. No need to be anxious about how they’re going to improve their customer service, for example. Instead, a business owner can concentrate on strategizing for their next campaign or on how they can improve their product/service.


The cost-effective services these BPO service companies aren’t just about getting the job done. Part of their services include constant adaptation to evolving technologies and consumer demand. With their always up-to-date knowledge, skills, and tools, vendee companies can be assured that the service they’re getting is the latest.

Things to Consider Now

It’s been made clear; the BPO industry is a blessing to businesses. With all its positives, though, come some not so favorable thoughts to consider.

Changing Socio-political Landscape

The USA, one of the BPO industries biggest patrons. The country has changed administration and current president Donald Trump’s “Buy American, hire American” platform may endanger the current flourishing of the outsourcing industry.

Trump wants what offshore services formerly provided to be handed over to American workers. Foreigners who want to provide offshore based services now have to acquire specials visas.

As for the local BPO scene, President Rodrigo Duterte has been very vocal about his stance on lessening the presence of the US in the country. Given that the US is our biggest source of BPO-generated income, 64.7% as of February 2017, having to cut or at least lessen ties with them will undoubtedly impact the Philippines’s status as a top investment destination.

The country has definitely got a strong hold on BPO clients, and as things continue to change in an ever-evolving world, business process outsourcing companies can only be optimistic in what lies ahead for the industry. For now, the best step BPO companies can do is to continue to provide the services that catapulted the Philippines into success.